The concept of time tracking for employees, contractors, and projects has moved beyond traditional methods with the evolution of the workplace, prevalence of technology, and demand for detailed cost insight. Gone are the days of the time clock with its limited “here-and-not-here” approach. Even the idea of the workplace has been disrupted by telecommuting, virtual meetings, and outsourcing. All while the need to track costs at the project level or spit resources among multiple cost centers continues to increase. Challenges abound for organizations and current methods bring their own time and resource overhead that are costly, impractical and ineffective.

Our simple SMS-based tool will capture time, place and movement information from a cell phone or tablet and route them through to your financial systems safely and securely. The tool can be used throughout the day to change input parameters and log activity to the appropriate project. A user can only use their text-capable phone to interact with our system. Hence you eliminate fraud and waste. When combined with geo data and the accelerometer features on most smart phones, the system passively collects additional data and expands your ability to produce actionable information. You can do this with reporting tools included in our system or leverage the business intelligence tools of your choice with a simple export.